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Rapid Testing Kits for Cyano-toxins in Freshwater

Fresh Water Strip Tests

Abraxis strip tests (or ‘dipsticks’) detect cyanotoxins. If the water sample contains toxins over the level set by WHO (World Health Organisation), the test will detect them even if there are no visible algae cells in the water sample. The tests include internal controls and can be used as field tests, without laboratory equipment. The Microcystin strip tests range are available for drinking water (unfiltered and filtered) and recreational water.

Laboratory Testing and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

The Abraxis test kits are extremely accurate based on tests undertaken by US-EPA, Canadian EPA and New Zealand NIWA.

In the following links, the safety data, user guide and sample handling flow charts are provided for the test kits.

Additional calibration procedures are available and reference samples for those users who want to undertake replicated testing.

If a lake or water supply is contaminated with cyano-toxins, additional laboratory testing may be required by the regulator, especially when they need to issue an "all clear" notice for the site.

User Guides

Safety Data

Flow Charts

EPA Verification



Microcystins - Unfiltered, source drinking water

Microcystins - Filter drinking water

Microcystins - Recreational water

Proficiency CPD

The company is able to offer proficiency training on the test strips for groups of users. These training days will be support by Abraxis. Please contact us by email.

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